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Holiday Programme Supervisor at Sarah’s OSCAR Ltd

I am delighted to call for applications for Supervisors at Sarah’s OSCAR. We are a new Out of School Care and Recreation Programme based in both Northcote and Beach Haven.

The programme will cater for 5-13 year olds operating between 7am-7pm during the holidays.

The position will require that you have: excellent leadership, communication and people skills, are dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic, kind, caring, genuine, innovative, creative…

…and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!!

Sarah’s OSCAR provides quality Out of School Care programmes dedicated to supporting children, families and communities.

Thorough training will be given.

So, if you are looking for employment that will support and extend you, utilise your skills, knowledge and experience and where you will be a valued part of a team, look no further.

 Job Description

The Director of Sarah’s OSCAR Ltd

Excellent leadership, communication and people skills. Be dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic, kind, caring and genuine. • Integrity. Creative and innovative. • Able to inspire and motivate.• Have an interest in children and experience in working with groups of children. •Currently be studying towards a teaching qualification or be a trained teacher. • Have knowledge of child development or other relevant/suitable experience. • Have staff management and leadership skills. • Have knowledge of behaviour management practices. • Hold a current First Aid Certificate. • Hold a clean current New Zealand Drivers licence. • Be punctual, dependable, responsible, consistent and flexible.

To ensure the efficient and safe operation of the holiday programme. • To develop and maintain a positive and welcoming culture and environment for all children, staff, family/Whanau and visitors • To promote and develop the programme in conjunction with the Director • To be responsible for the day to day administration tasks • To comply with all health and safety requirements • To motivate the children to be involved in all aspects of the programme • To manage, supervise and inspire all staff, volunteers and contractors enlisted to assist with the programme • To ensure that the OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) programme requirements are met. • To act as a role model for the Sarah’s values.

To ensure the efficient and safe operation of the programme. Liaising with the Director. • Ensure that policies and procedures are in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children. • Carry out the day to day administrative tasks of the programme. • Ensure that policies and procedures are in place and adhered to, to ensure the safety of staff, children, families/whanau and visitors.

You will work closely with the Director and be well supported. • Planning of programme activities and resourcing, managing a budget, ensuring an enjoyable experience for both children and staff. Refer any enquiries, concerns to the Director. • Ensure that any accidents and incidents are recorded in the accident register, and that the Director is made aware of such incidents. • Be a positive role model for children and staff. Ensure a high level of safety and supervision. • Attend staff trainings. • Fulfill any other duties to ensure the smooth running of the programme and the provision of quality care and recreation experience for all. • Help promote the programme to families and those in the wider community. • Suggest ideas/activities for developing the programme. • Responsibility for day-to-day administrative tasks. Operate the programme within a set budget. • Submit staff timesheets and participant attendance records to the Director. Provide the Director with feedback at the end of each holiday programme. • At all times, operate under the relevant requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 Work in accordance with all policies and procedures. • Ensure that you understand all emergency action procedures and should the need arise, be able to take control in an emergency. • Assist with motivating children to be involved in all aspects of the programme. • Develop and participate in a team approach encouraging and offering support to the children. • Lead and participate with the children, activities as outlined in the programme plan. • Ensure that the children have a positive experience and that their families feel comfortable, happy and well impressed with the care they are receiving. • To manage, supervise and support all staff, volunteers and contractors. • To assist the Director through the staff induction process. • Develop a team approach to the programme, valuing all input and utilising each staff member’s strengths and expertise. • Ensure that the OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) programme MSD requirements are met. • Be informed of and comply with all the OSCAR requirements and regulations. Ensure in collaboration with the Director, and that all staff are aware of these requirements.

A positive working environment where you will be extended, encouraged,valued and appreciated. • An opportunity to utilise your teaching skills, knowledge and experience and be supported in your study and future employment. • Generous remuneration. •Flexible working conditions. • Opportunity for additional work babysitting.